Hobbyking RQ-4B Global Hawk 64mm EDF 2360mm (PNF)

The RQ-4B Global Hawk is at the cutting edge of UAV development, this particular version was aquired by NASA for high altitude atmospheric and weather research. This fantastic scale model captures the jaw dropping looks of this state of the art aircraft, both on the ground and in the air, courtesy of its high scale detail and its huge wingspan!

The Global Hawk is made from super tough EPO foam and is easy to assemble, the powerful EDF unit, ESCand all servos are all pre-installed and the superb waterslide decals have been expertly applied. The model features plug in under-carriage but also comes with aileron servo blisters to protect those vulnerable servo arms for those who want to hand-launch. Despite the huge wingspan, the Global Hawk is very practical and features plug in wings for easy transportation and field assembly.

Models of UAVs often dont have the best reputation in terms of flight performance, the H-King Global Hawk is the exception, the powerful 64mm EDF offers huge thrust, more than enough in fact, allowing the Global Hawk to cruise on 1/2 throttle, the control surfaces offer precise control for scale flying and there is no doubt, this model looks magnificent at altitude and positively mean when making low, high speed passes! With UAVs increasingly making the headlines these days, the Global Hawk offers you the chance to experience the future of military aviation!

Plug and Fly configuration, simply requires RX and Lipoly
Easy to assemble
Powerful 4s compatible 64mm fan unit
Super detailed
Plug-in wings for easy transport
Can be prepared easily for hand-launch
Extensive CF re-enforcing in wings
Massive canopy secured with magnets
Steerable nose-wheel
Super tough EPO construction

Wingspan: 2360mm
Length: 850mm
Wing Area: 23.6dm2
Wing Loading: 42.4g/dm2
Flying Weight: 1000g
EDF: 64mm with Brushless Outrunner Motor
ESC: 50A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 5

Your own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
1800mAh 4s Lipoly Battery

Sukhoi SU-35 Twin 70mm Super Scale EDF Jet w/Thrust Vectoring 1080mm (PNF)

The Sukhoi SU-35 is a single-seat, twin-engine super maneuverable multirole fighter. In the 1980s, Sukhoi was looking to upgrade its high-performance SU-27. The resultant SU-35 embodies aerodynamic refinements to give it more maneuverability, greatly enhanced avionics, longer range, and a more powerful engine. The first prototype, converted from a production SU-27, made its maiden flight in June 1988.

This highly scale twin 70mm EDF model embodies all of the performance and good looks of the real SU-35 aircraft. With its brilliant military paint scheme, detailed pilot and scale decals, this famous fighter jet really looks the part!

With features such as electronic servoless retracts, functional nose-wheel gear doors, all-moving tail plane, working rudders and 360° thrust vectoring, this model has everything you could ask for and more! It even features removable bolt-on wings & vertical stabs making transportation/storage a breeze.

Powered by twin 70mm fan units with 2300kv motors, 55A ESCs and 6S lipoly, the SU-35 has greater than a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio allowing for the most radical of flight maneuvers!

This twin 70mm SU-35 arrives in PNF form, so all that is needed is to add your own 6ch TX/RX and a 6S 3700~4000mAh lipoly to be in the air!

Powerful 6S twin 70mm EDF system pre-installed
Expertly painted highly detailed color scheme
Removable bolt-on wings/vertical stabs
Full 360° thrust vectoring
Electronic servoless retracts
Functional nose-wheel gear doors
All-moving tail plane
Working rudders

Wingspan: 1080mm
Length: 1630mm
Flying Weight: 2600g
Thrust: 3000g
Motor: 2849-2300KV x 2
ESC: 55A x 2
Servos: 9g x 9 / 17g MG digital x 2

Your own 6ch TX/RX
6S 3700~4000mAh lipoly

SU-37 Composite Twin 90mm EDF Jet 1200mm (ARF)

The Sukhoi SU-37 was a development multi-role fighter with a Mach 2+ capability and amazing agility courtesy of advanced avionics and thrust vectoring, demonstated at air shows around the world, the SU-37 was shown to be capable of maneuvers previously thought to be impossible. As well as the famous "Cobra" maneuver, the SU-37 was also capable of 360 degree somersaults and the "tailslide". Despite the demonstrated possible tactical advantages in terms of dogfighting, the SU-37 never went in production, however, much of the development work was passed onto the SU-27 family.

This large scale H-King SU-37 simply looks amazing, the composite fuselage and foam cored/balsa sheeted wings and horizontal & vertical stabilizers are finished in an eye-catching camo scheme. Specs wise, this fantastic looking model is not lacking, with a full moving tail-plane mounted on substantial ball raced alloy tubes, large ailerons, twin rudders and full active canards, which are similarly ball raced, this Sukhoi has amazing agility at all speeds. Twin 90mm EDFs offer huge potential in terms of power and speed, especially as there is plenty of space for battery mounting, even under the fully operational air-brake!

There can be no doubt, this is a model that will draw a crowd no matter where it is flown, this stunning looking ARF has so much potential in terms of speed and agility, it is an EDF that any jet fan would be truly proud to own, getting on for a turbine sized model, this SU-37 offers out of this world presence and performance for a down to earth price!

Twin 90mm EDF Included
Large Scale
Ball Raced All Moving Tail
Working Canards
Twin Rudders
Retract Ready
Working Airbrake
Superb finish
Foam cored/balsa sheeted flying surfaces
Comprehensive Hardware Kit Included

Wingspan: 1200mm
Length: 1737mm
Flying Weight: 5500g~6000g
Twin 90mm EDF (Included)

2 x 36mm~39mm EDF Motor
6 x Standard Size MG Servo, 2 x MG High Torque Park Servo, 1 x MG High Torque 12g~16g Servo
2 x 80A~100A OPTO Std or HV ESC
2s RX Lipoly
Air or Servoless Retract Set
2~4 x 4000mAh~5000mAh 3s or 4s Lipoly Batteries connected in series
Single Servoless Retract (Air Brake Operation)

Sukhoi SU-26 1228mm 3D Balsa (ARF)

The classic lines and proven capability of the SU-26 combine to make it one of the most popular aerobatic models, the Hobbyking Sukhoi certainly looks the part and make no mistake, 3D flying is what this superb model is all about!

The quality of this SU-26 is simply as good as it gets, the airframe has been constructed to keep the flying weight minimal but strong enough to take the punishment of extreme aerobatics, the superb quality covering has been expertly applied and for the final touch, the cowl, canopy and wheel pants are finished in a deep gloss paint. The supplied hardware is simply top notch, with ball-linked control rods & pull/pull rudder assembly, lightweight control horns, Carbon Fiber Under-carriage and wing tube, etc, this is one of those models that will be a real pleasure to assemble.

The H-King Sukhoi SU-26 performs every inch as good as it looks, naturaly it makes for a great sport plane but it would be fair to say that hardcore 3D is what the SU-26 has been designed for. The precision of the airframe, stunning looks, top line quality and amazing feather weight specs make the SU-26 a must have plane for all aerobatic and 3D pilots!

Classic looks
Top quality construction and covering
Easy and fast to build
Ultra light weight but strong airframe
Superbly applied, high quality covering
CF Landing Gear
Ball link piano wire control rods & pull/pull rudder
Stunning 3D capability
Quick field assembly, easy to transport

Wingspan: 1228mm
Length: 1160mm
Wing Area: 30dm2
Flying Weight: 1200g

Your own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
35mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
40A~60A ESC w/BEC
4 x Digital High Torque MG 12g servo
2200mAh~2650mAh 3s~4S Lipoly Battery

Extra 330L 3D Balsa 980mm (ARF)

This great looking little Extra 330L is a nicely made and pre-covered balsa aerobatic model that can be built both quickly and cheaply.

The expertly applied covering is perfect for orientation with nice bright colours on the upper and a green/white chequer pattern on the underside. Wings are plug in for easy transport & field assembly and the model also features a glass fiber cowl. All hardware is included, as are comprehensive instructions.

The H-King Extra 330L features decent size control surfaces with rear fuselage mounted servos for elevator/rudder precision, with its low flying weight and nice quality construction, this is a perfect parkfly size, easy build aerobatic model that will last for years as only balsa planes can!

Excellent Quality Construction
Great Colour Scheme for Orientation
Carbon Fibre Wing Tube
Rear Fuselage Mounts for Elevator/Rudder Servos
Fast and Cheap to Assemble
Magnetic Canopy
Excellent Hardware Package Included

Wingspan: 980mm
Length: 880mm
Flying Weight: 520g

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
28mm Outrunner Motor
1300mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
4 x 9g Servo

Durafly Telemicro 520mm (PNF)

A super stable high wing sport flyer in a micro package! The Durafly Telemicro 520mm comes 90% assembled right out of the box and can be ready to fly in just minutes.

The lightweight construction of this model, coupled with a proven airframe gives this model a locked in feel, especially when fitted with the innovative and optional leading edge slats that allow you to slow this model right down. Many models of this size are often limited by linear servos or cheap components, but not the Telemicro! This jewel of a model features pre-installed, fully proportional HK-5320 Digital servos, a TurnigyESC and a powerful 2s compatible AP05-3000kv brushless motor and like all Durafly models, build quality is excellent.

Despite the obvious quality & high spec of the Telemicro, she is not expensive to get in the air, the servo/ESC connectors are all compatible with the 4 Channel Orange Micro RX (R415), and the Turnigy 180mAh 2s Lipoly is the perfect battery to power this fun model, the Telemicro is a great performer, make no mistake, breezing it around your local park is addictive, just make sure you have plenty of Lipolys to hand!

Fast build time
Fully Hinged Control Surfaces
Full 4 Channel Control
Pre-installed Digital Proportional 1.7g Servos
Pre-Installed Turnigy Power Train that offers more than enough power for aerobatics
Included Leading Edge Slats for Slow Flight

Wingspan: 520mm
Length: 356mm
Flying Weight: 80g
Servo: HK-5320 Digital 1.7g x 4
Motor: AP05 3000kv Brushless Outrunner

Instruction Book
Clear Leading Edge Wing Slats

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX (compatible RX with 1.25mm Molex 3 Pin Connectors)
180mAh 2s Lipoly Battery

Hobbyking E-Fair Balsa Glider 1540mm (ARF)

Relive a classic with this light weight blasa glider with excellent flight characteristics.

The Hobbyking E-Fair glider is a nicely finished and mostly pre-assembled 3CH balsa glider kit. Featuring a pre-built fuselage, wing and tail section, very little is left to complete this model and get it into the air. Pre-installed pushrod tubes make installing the servos and setting up the control surfaces a breeze. With its polyhedral wing design, this model offers very forgiving flight characteristics and will provide you with hours of sloap soaring fun!

The E-Fair glider comes in almost ready to fly form, which means you will need to add your own brushlessmotor/ESC, servos and radio system. Please see related items below.

Wingspan: 1540mm
Wing area: 23.3sq.dm
Length 980mm
Weight: 545g

2 x 9g Servos
28mm Brushless Motor
20~30A Brushless ESC
3S 1800~2200mAh Lipoly
Your own Tx/Rx

Skymaster Plug and Fly Trainer (Balsa)

The Hobbyking Skymaster is a traditionally built, pre-covered Balsa trainer with a difference, being plug and fly, almost all the hard work has already been done!

The Skymaster is a fast build, even for a novice, the brushless outrunner motor, ESC and most servos have been pre-installed, simply follow the included instructions and you will be in the air in no time! Being a traditional sheet build, the Skymaster is tough and easy to repair should you have an oops moment, we know, we fly one almost every weekend! The undercarriage is proper piano wire and is so tough it can handle anything up to 4" lightweight wheels for even the most nasty airfields!

The Skymaster has plenty of power and handles superbly, so well that once a new pilot has managed to get to grips with the basics, a flick of the rates switch and you have a brilliant little sport model for mastering basic aerobatic maneuvers. The Skymaster is a fantastic flying model with that certain "something" that only balsa models can offer, fun & tough with great performance, this is the ideal all rounder for both the club airstrip or for parkfly!

Traditional Balsa Construction with Tough Sheeted Fuselage
Fast Build Time
Plug and Fly - Simply add Reciever & Lipoly (not included) and Fly!
Tough Piano Wire Undercarriage
Excellent Ground Handling
Full Four Channel Control
Aerobatic Capable
Plenty of Power from the Pre-Fitted Brushless Outrunner
Expertly applied Covering with Excellent Orientation Scheme

Wingspan: 1004mm
Length: 750mm
Flying Weight: 500g
Servo: 9g x 3
Motor: 2822 Brushless Outrunner 1200kv
ESC: 20A w/BEC

All Hardware, Prop Saver & Prop

Your own 4 Channel TX/RX
1300mAh 3s Lipoly Battery