Turnigy TrackStar 150A 1/8th Scale Brushless Car ESC

The Turnigy TrackStar 1/8th scale 150amp car ESC is the latest addition to Hobby Kings Car ESC range.

Using a Fast Silicon Labs MCU and high quality On-Semiconductor MOSFETs the TrackStar 150A ESC sets a new standard in high quality yet affordable car ESCs. With Intelligent MCU logic the TrackStar series ESCs allow extremely precise start up control and positioning feed back from the motor. This translates in to very smooth start up and acceleration.

The Turnigy TrackStar 150A ESC also boasts a host of programing options not usually found in a 1/8th scale ESC at this price and can be programmed with ease via the Turnigy TrackStar programing card (sold separately) The Turnigy TrackStar 150A ESC also included 3 x 10AWG Motor wires and 2 x 10AWG power input wires.

Cont. Current: 150A
Burst Current: 250A
Car Size: 1/8th
Battery: 2-6 Cell Lipo
S-BEC: 5.7V / 3A Output
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 48.8 x 57.8 x 35.8mm
Weight: 88g
Battery Plug: Required
On/Off Switch: Yes
Reverse: Yes
Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
Battery Terminals: 10AWG size
Motor Terminals: 10AWG size

Programming Options (Via Optional programming card)
Voltage Cut off
Drag Brake
Brake Strength
Punch Control
Reverse type
Motor Timing

Turnigy Brushless 1/8 Scale Car Power System 1965Kv/150A

An extremely powerful brushless system for any 1/8 scale truck, car or buggy.
Equiped with cooling fan and a large surge ESC, this system will greatly increase the power output of any standard system.

ESC Spec.
Continuous Current: 150A
Burst Current: 1080A
Resistance: 0.0002ohm
Suitable Car: 1/5 or 1/8 on and off road.
Battery: 2-6 cells Lipo (6-18 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 5.75V/3A switch mode buit-in
Motor type: Sensorless and sensored brushless motors >3.5t
Dimension: 68 x 55 x 45mm
Weight: 150g
Motor Spec.
Model: 4074SL V2.0
Kv: 1965
Scale: 1:8
Max Current: 76Amp
Poles: 4
Weight: 386g
Diameter: 40mm
Length: 74mm
Shaft length: 20mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
ESC: 1 x 150A
Motor: 1 x 4074SL (1965Kv)
Pinion Gear: 21T
Turnigy Programming Card
Note: Motor color may vary.

Brushless Car Power System 5200Kv/100A

An extremely powerful brushless system for any 1/10 or 1/12 scale truck, car or buggy.The specially designed motor gives more run time and comes with thermal protection.Brushless Electronic Speed Controller(ESC).

Enhanced throttle response, excellent acceleration,strong brakes and throttle linearity
Programable with a HKSS programming card to make adjustments.
Automatically detects the number of cells within the battery pack.
Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection and motor blocked protection
Compatible with NOVAK, LRP , ORION Sensored brushless motor

ESC Spec.
Continuous Current: 100A
Burst Current: 540A
Resistance: 0.0004ohm
Suitable Car: 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 on and off road.
Battery: 2-3 cells Lipo (5-10 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 6V/3A switch mode buit-in
Motor type: Sensorless and sensored brushless motors
Dimension: 43 x 39 x 30mm
Weight: 102g
Motor Spec.
Model: 3650
Kv: 5200
Scale: 1:10
Max Current: 41Amp
Turns: 6.5T
Weight: 165g
Diameter: 36mm
Length: 52.5mm
Shaft length: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
ESC: 1 x 100A
Motor: 1 x 3650 (5200Kv)
Hobby King Programming Card

Turnigy TrackStar 4068 2560KV 1/8th Brushless Motor (USA Warehouse)

Forget those messy nitro engines and upgrade your 1/8th truck or buggy with the Turnigy TrackStar 2560kv Brushless motor. Combine this motor with the Turnigy TrackStar 150A ESC for the ultimate 1/8th EP experience.

Size: 40x68
Kv: 2560
Poles: 6
Max Amps: 120A
Max Volts: 21v
Max Watts: 2200w
Idle Current: 5.0A
Resistance (Ri): 5.8
Shaft size: 5mm

T5692 Turnigy Pro Comp Brushless Inrunner Motor 1000kv

When you need serious power for your large scale perfomance boat or 1/5 scale RC car, look no further than the Turnigy Pro Comp series inrunners. These superbly engineered motors offer high quality, ultra high performance & reliability. The motor is re-buildable and features removable end caps, the motor shaft has a machined flat and is 8mm in diameter to handle the extreme torque produced by this monster of a motor!

Size: 56x92mm
Kv: 1000rpm/v
Maximum Voltage: 40v
Lipoly Cells: 10s
Max Efficiency: 6000w
Current at Max Efficiency: 145A
Max Current (10s): 312A
No Load Current: 2.6A
Internal Resistance: 0.0071
Shaft: 8mm
Weight: 814g

XK3650-5600KV Sensored Brushless Inrunner

XK3650-5600KV Sensored Brushless Inrunner

Max Amps: 45A
Max Volt: 7.4V
Max Watts: 335W
Rpm/V: 5600kv
Resistance: 0.0087 ohms
No-load Current: 4.8A(7.4V)
Dimension: 35.8mm x 52.5mm
Mounting hole depth: 4mm
Length of extend Shaft: 15mm
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
Weight: 165g

XK3650-10500KV Sensored Brushless Inrunner

XK3650-10500KV Sensored Brushless Inrunner

Max Amps: 80A
Max Volt: 7.4V
Rpm/V: 10500kv
Resistance: 0.0034 ohms
No-load Current: 9.5A(7.4V)
Dimension: 35.8mm x 52.5mm
Mounting hole depth: 4mm
Length of extend Shaft: 15mm
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
Weight: 160g

XK2845-B-3700KV Brushless Inrunner

XK2845-B-3700KV Brushless Inrunner

# of poles: 4
Max Amps: 50A
Max Volt: 11.1V
Max Watts: 555W
Rpm/V: 3700kv
Resistance: 0.0190 ohms
No-load Current: 1.7A(7.4V)
Dimension: 28.0mm x 48.0mm
Mounting hole depth: 5mm
Length of extend Shaft: 12mm
Shaft diameter: 4mm
Weight: 118g

HobbyKing X-Car 10.5 Turn Sensored Brushless Motor

The HobbyKing X-Car Sensored Brushless Motors offer outstanding performance at an incredible price. Featuring a quality anodized CNC finish these motors look as good as they go! The adjustable timing allows for fine tuning the performance of your ride while the sensor ensures smooth star tups and acceleration. The HobbyKing X-Car Brushless motors make a great upgrade for 1/10th Short Course Trucks, Buggies or Touring cars or anything else that uses 540 size motors.

Can Size: 540
Turns: 10.5
RPM/v: 3200kv
Sensored: Yes (Standard 6 pin harness)
Pole: 2
Max voltage: 7.4~11.1v (2S/3S)
Max Current: 24A
Resistance: 0.0213ohm
No Load Current: 0.8Amp
Shaft Size: 3.175mm
Weight: 168

Scanner RC PowerSquare 3100kv Racing Motor (13.5T)

Scanner Rc PowerSquare sensored racing motors feature CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Heatsink Cans, NdFeB High Temp Sintered Magnets and Dual JIS Ball Bearings. Engineered for efficiency and speed the Scanner RC PowerSquare serious of motors will put you in the winners circle.

Can Size: 540
Turns: 13.5T
RPM/v: 3100kv
Sensored: Yes (Standard 6 pin harness)
Max voltage: 7.4 (2S)
Max Watts: 242w
Resistance: 28mohm
Shaft Size: 3.14mm
Weight: 174g

Turnigy Mach2 9.5T Brushless Car Motor w/timing adj

Turnigy Mach2 9.5T Brushless R/C Car Motor w/timing adjust
This brushless 540 size R/C car motor has an inbuilt sensor and adjustable timing.
Dimension: 53mm x 36mm
Weight: 171g
Shaft diameter: 3.17mm
Shaft Length: 15mm
Kv: 2800rpm/v
Cells: 4-9NiMh / 2-3S Lipoly
Sintered NdFeB Magnet

TP540-13.5T 3150kv Brushless R/C Car Motor w/sensor

TP540-13.5T 3150kv Brushless R/C Car Motor w/sensor
Dimension: 60mm x 36mm(41mm w/Batt-terminal) , 74mm(with shaft)
Weight: 180g
Diameter of shaft: 3.17mm
Length of front shaft: 15mm
Kv: 3150rpm/v
No load current: 1.9A
Watts: 190W
Cells: 2-4S Lipoly

KD36-74-06XL 2800kv Brushless Inrunner

The KD36 inrunners are equivilent to 540 size motors.

Front mount holes are 25mm apart.
Dimensions: 36×74mm
Shaft size: 5mm
Weight: 370g

Kv: 2800rpm/V
Idle Current: 5.3A
Resistance: .0042
Max Amp: 110A

Turnigy B36-40-07 2900kv Inrunner

TURNIGY brushless Inrunner

Kv: 2900rpm/v
Power: 375W
Turns: 7
Resistance: 21
Idle Current: 2.5
Esc: 45
Battery Config: 3-4S
Length: 42mm
Width: 36mm
Shaft: 5mm
Weight: 170g