SU-37 Composite Twin 90mm EDF Jet 1200mm (ARF)

The Sukhoi SU-37 was a development multi-role fighter with a Mach 2+ capability and amazing agility courtesy of advanced avionics and thrust vectoring, demonstated at air shows around the world, the SU-37 was shown to be capable of maneuvers previously thought to be impossible. As well as the famous "Cobra" maneuver, the SU-37 was also capable of 360 degree somersaults and the "tailslide". Despite the demonstrated possible tactical advantages in terms of dogfighting, the SU-37 never went in production, however, much of the development work was passed onto the SU-27 family.

This large scale H-King SU-37 simply looks amazing, the composite fuselage and foam cored/balsa sheeted wings and horizontal & vertical stabilizers are finished in an eye-catching camo scheme. Specs wise, this fantastic looking model is not lacking, with a full moving tail-plane mounted on substantial ball raced alloy tubes, large ailerons, twin rudders and full active canards, which are similarly ball raced, this Sukhoi has amazing agility at all speeds. Twin 90mm EDFs offer huge potential in terms of power and speed, especially as there is plenty of space for battery mounting, even under the fully operational air-brake!

There can be no doubt, this is a model that will draw a crowd no matter where it is flown, this stunning looking ARF has so much potential in terms of speed and agility, it is an EDF that any jet fan would be truly proud to own, getting on for a turbine sized model, this SU-37 offers out of this world presence and performance for a down to earth price!

Twin 90mm EDF Included
Large Scale
Ball Raced All Moving Tail
Working Canards
Twin Rudders
Retract Ready
Working Airbrake
Superb finish
Foam cored/balsa sheeted flying surfaces
Comprehensive Hardware Kit Included

Wingspan: 1200mm
Length: 1737mm
Flying Weight: 5500g~6000g
Twin 90mm EDF (Included)

2 x 36mm~39mm EDF Motor
6 x Standard Size MG Servo, 2 x MG High Torque Park Servo, 1 x MG High Torque 12g~16g Servo
2 x 80A~100A OPTO Std or HV ESC
2s RX Lipoly
Air or Servoless Retract Set
2~4 x 4000mAh~5000mAh 3s or 4s Lipoly Batteries connected in series
Single Servoless Retract (Air Brake Operation)