T5692 Turnigy Pro Comp Brushless Inrunner Motor 1000kv

When you need serious power for your large scale perfomance boat or 1/5 scale RC car, look no further than the Turnigy Pro Comp series inrunners. These superbly engineered motors offer high quality, ultra high performance & reliability. The motor is re-buildable and features removable end caps, the motor shaft has a machined flat and is 8mm in diameter to handle the extreme torque produced by this monster of a motor!

Size: 56x92mm
Kv: 1000rpm/v
Maximum Voltage: 40v
Lipoly Cells: 10s
Max Efficiency: 6000w
Current at Max Efficiency: 145A
Max Current (10s): 312A
No Load Current: 2.6A
Internal Resistance: 0.0071
Shaft: 8mm
Weight: 814g