PC Flight Simulator Controller System

PC Flight Simulator Controller System can easily connect to any PC using Windows XP, Vista OS.
Included is the USB connector, FPV system 1.5 for FPV gyro or the trainer port of your radio. Joystick can be connected to your radios trainer port for controlling up to 4 channels. Also works in conjunction with the X-Gyro head tracker for realistic FPV flight.

Ergonomic, ambidextrous stick with trigger and five buttons-all positioned for instant access in the heat of a battle.
POV switch-easily change cockpit views to keep track of your enemies.
Pinkie switch operates as a normal control or can be programmed as a Shift Button to double up your control functions.
Trottle lever for smooth, realistic engine control
Twist action rudder control
Unique removable legs for easy storage
Supported by Saiteks powerful SST programming software

Power consumption max: 250mW
Power supply: 5V DC