Pacer G007-H Composite High Performance Glider 2240mm (ARF)

Designed with performance in mind, the Pacer offers serious performance at a less than serious price!

The fuselage is composite while the wing and v-tail are balsa, all have an excellent finish. The ailerons and elevator/rudder are all "live" hinged, the canopy and wing tube are CF, the motor mount is glassfiber and the hardware excellent, dont let the price fool you, the Pacer is designed for speed! It is also practical and features 2pc plug in wings with an easy access bolt mount for security and a good size CF wing tube for rigidity and lightness.

Fitted with a 36mm~39mm brushless inrunner and a large diameter folding prop, the Pacer will have an amazing climb rate, once powered down, it is a blisteringly fast glider that is just so much fun to fly and will last for years to come due to its excellent finish. The Pacer is an attractive looking high performance glider that is a great size for a serious days flying in almost any weather, cheap to buy, cheap to build, looks great and performs, perfect!

Wingspan: 2240mm
Wing Area: 36.85dm2
Length: 1086mm
Stab Area: 6.46dm2
Elevator/Rudder Area: 1.42dm2
Root Airfoil: 11.4% Symetrical
Flying Weight: 1700g~2000g

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
2 x 12g MG High Torque servo + 2 x Low Profile Wing Servo (or 4 x 12g MG High Torque Servo)
4s 2200mAh Lipoly Battery
36mm~39mm Inrunner Brushless Motor
40mm Folding Prop Spinner