FatShark 2.4Ghz Telemetry System (Incl. Tx/Rx)

A plug and play 2.4Ghz 100mW FPV system.
Great for people with mHz radio systems who dont plan to fly 2km high!
Fatshark goggles are known for their easy set-up and great clarity as well as wide viewing angle. Combined with a reliable low power consumption, light weight 2.4Ghz Tx and you have a simple, reliable no fuss FPV system that will have you flying in no time.
Standard antenna will give you 400-500mtrs range.

FatShark FPV Goggles w/ inbuilt Rx.
FatShark (Airwave) Small footprint Tx 100mW 2.4Ghz (25x45mm)
LiPo Battery
Spare Foam

2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz, which is best for you?
If you fly with a Mhz radio such as 72, 36 or 35mhz then you should choose a 2.4Ghz FPV system as it will give you more range for the same power. Many hard-core FPV pilots fly with Mhz radios because of its superior range to 2.4Ghz radio control systems.
If you have a Spektrum, Futaba or other 2.4Ghz radio, then you need to fly with a 5.8Ghz system.